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I would like to thank those of you who purchased Ginger Gilmour's Bright Side of the Moon. Let me encourage those who are considering this as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. It is rich in content with stories, photos; and artwork that will warm the hearts all.

ליאור ציק Must have all pf lovers and all music lovers.
David Stewart This is a truly remarkable book right from the start you're invited into the warm glow, that runs through the memories shared by ginger these are more than words, they are a picture which you are a witness too see it come alive
Never have I read a book like it it is a beautiful piece of work congratulations and hats off to the author
Dan Helmbrecht My book arrived yesterday. I don't get it til Dec 25th. Ahhh!!!
Vicki Smotherman Golden Can it be ordered from the USA? I live in Tennessee
Ginger Gilmours Memoirs of the Bright Side Moon hello Vicki Smotherman Golden the answer is YES. I have two distribution points the USA & the UK. Go to were you can place your order. Merry Christmas Ginger
Vicki Smotherman Golden Thank you Ginger and can not wait to get your book. Wishing you and your children a Merry Christmas! Bye from America.
Cathy Holmes
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Joe 'OZ' Wilkinson Yes, can this be purchased from US of A. Do you sell signed copies?
Ginger Gilmours Memoirs of the Bright Side Moon Hello Joe 'OZ' Wilkinson I sell signed copies sent from the UK which the shipping is more than if shipped to the USA from the USA. What I am doing for individuals living in the states that would like it signed I will send a signed note that is able to ...See More
Becky Wiersema Bursik I bought it for myself as an early Christmas present because I simply couldn't wait to read it. I finished it in just over a week and it really has had a dramatic impact on how I view the world around me. I loved it. smile emoticon
Jupiter Isaacian Telling This is not an ordinary book...
Ginger Gilmours Memoirs of the Bright Side Moon What a wonderful comment. Becky Wiersema Bursik Many re-read it over and over for there are many journeys to experience along the way. Bless you and Merry Christmas Ginger
ליאור ציק you are welcome here in my country Israel to tell you story to the big pf is known that pf is the most love band here.