O&F Studios Interview

Ginger Gilmour has had successful careers as a model and an artist; however, the rock world will know her best as the former wife of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, with whom she had four children. Ginger has written her autobiography, Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon, filled with stories about her life with David and the Floyd, as well as her inner journey to understanding beauty.

In Part I, Ginger talks to the O&F Studios about first meeting David and of being captivated by the sound of the band’s music, which took her to a “world where peace and beauty united us all.”

In Part II, Ginger recalls the bliss of love she enjoyed with David in their first two weeks together. She also discusses some of the hard times the Floyd faced as they rose in popularity. Included in her thoughts are how the acclaimed WALL project was a critical success, yet it proved to be taxing on the group.

In Part III, Ginger talks about her son Matthew Gilmour and the launch of his musical career. (We preview one of Matthew’s songs from his album the Grey.) She also explains her journey as an artist and the truly inspired nature of her works as well as her revolution about beauty.

Ginger's Interviews with O&F Studios (San Diego 2015)

Matt Gilmour-The Grey